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Location 20533 Biscayne Blvd.

Aventura 33180
United States
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About Nexplore

Nexplore’s programs enrich the lives of students in Grades PreK-8 in over 500 schools nationwide. Our mission is to empower the next generation to thrive in the 21st century through hands-on, pivotal learning experiences. With over 10 years of intensive growth, Nexplore is proud to offer our two unique programs in a format that best suits your needs. All of our programs are taught by certified instructors and are designed to come to you. Nexplore Games is an innovative program that uses an internationally-acclaimed selection of strategy and mind games to enhance 21st century life skills and teach students how to think, rather than what to think. Nexplore Games is the bridge that connects the world of games to the real world. During the course, students reflect and learn meta-cognitive models, which are than applied to all walks of life and scholastic achievements. The Nexplore Game Method is simple, yet powerful: • Play – In the first stage, students learn a cutting edge strategy game. Every class, a different game is introduced and explored.  • Learn – In the second stage, students learn game strategies and underlying thinking concepts to improve their game skills and metacognition.   • Apply – In the third stage, students are guided to make connections and applications to the real world.  Zumba Kids® Program is a fun, high-energy fitness class packed with specially choreographed routines and games for children. We introduce the latest music and rhythms like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and salsa. Zumba Kids® is designed exclusively for kids (ages 7-12) and Zumba Kids® Jr, is designed for kids (ages 4-6). Educators love Zumba Kids® because of the effects it has on children: increasing their focus and self-esteem, enhancing creativity and coordination, boosting metabolism and implementing teamwork skills. Each class is headed by a trained and licensed Zumba® Kids fitness instructor. Classes not only include music and dance, but arts, crafts and cultural education, as well. It is a fun way for your kids to keep healthy and motivated! 

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